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About Us

Our founder Elliot, started Ecodechets, a family run business committed to helping others clear out their clutter. Elliot was a neat and orderly child so it was natural for him to use those qualities to build a company based on cleaning, removing junk & demolition. He also believed that integrity and fairness should play an integral role in how he did business. The company grew quickly and so did customers’ trust in his services.

Eco-Dechéts is now a full service junk removal and demolition company that services both residential and commercial customers with big or small requirements.


Our Services

Interior Demolition

Our team members are experts in the demolition of walls, partitions, finishes, equipment, pipes, fittings, etc. as would be required for an interior renovation project.

Residential Demolition

Have a home renovation project but don’t want to do the demo work yourself? No problem! We are here to help clear away your space so you can get started on your dream home reno.


Commercial/Construction Demolition

We specialize in returning your commercial, industrial or residential site to a ready to build status



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